Kennel Sirkiss

Finnish Kennel Club has created the Lauri Vuolasvirta award
in order to develop breeding of dogs and to honour
the late well-known Finnish cynologist DI Lauri Vuolasvirta.
This award is given as a sign of highest recognition for selected breeders.
Kennel Sirkiss got the award in 2017 for Scottish terrier breeding
and earlier in 1998 for English cocker spaniel breeding.

I want to thank Sirkiss scottie owners, my kennel boy and friends.
Without you this would not have been possible.
Team work makes the dream work!


Vuolasvirta awards -
numbers 408 & 1048


In 2021 kennel Sirkiss received the Finnish Dog Breeders Club's award



History of kennel Sirkiss

I got my first cocker spaniel in 1975. He was primarily a pet. I was lucky to get as my brood bitch Int & Fin & N Ch Leavenworth Trick of Kisses, one of those famous kisses from Kennel Leavenworth. My first litter was born in 1986, one of them becoming later my first champion, Fin Ch Sirkiss Strikes Again.

Leavenworth Trick of Kisses

In the next litter there were two black sisters, Sirkiss Twisted Trick and Sirkiss Sweetest Trick, the latter really combining brain and beauty by being Finnish show champion plus a champion in agility and obedience, not forgetting her value as the brood bitch for Kennel Riksweet.
From a repeat mating, Fin Ch Sirkiss Leonardo and Fin Ch & Tr Ch Sirkiss Donatello continued in their sisters pawsteps. Also Sirkiss Hugo Boss was a dual champion.

When you are talking about Sirkiss cocker spaniels, one special dog has to be mentioned: Int & Fin & Lux Ch Sirkiss Red Velvet (Fin Ch Leavenworth Tradition x Int & Fin Ch Sirkiss Twisted Trick) - a specimen of a true and merry cocker. After having been BIS-2 veteran in the World Dog Show in 1998, "Pepsi" travelled to Belgium for stud and shows. He gained many Best In Show Veteran awards there. Nowadays Red Velvet's name can be found in some cocker pedigrees in the UK. "Pepsi" came home with his daughter Xiru du Domaine d'Haïsha.


Sirkiss Red Velvet
In the middle of the 1990's it was the the turn of two sisters with beautiful coats to keep the Sirkiss flag flying high - Sirkiss Trick of Trade and Sirkiss Out of Stock.

I have judged both English and American cocker spaniels in Russia in open shows a couple of times. In 1998 I was happy to receive from the Finnish Kennel Club their most significant honorary award for breeders, the Vuolasvirta award.

Sirkiss cocker spaniels have been tested for HD and eye diseases, and everybody tested has been found healthy.

I got my first Scottish terrier after my trip to Crufts in 1991, Fin Ch Winterway's Heartone - and since then I haven't looked back...